PERFORMANCE HEALTH Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches

PERFORMANCE HEALTH Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches


Size: M 660-940mm

M 660-940mm

Experience stability and comfort with our "Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches," expertly crafted from robust, high-tensile extruded materials. Designed by Move Mobility to reduce wrist pressure and enhance posture, these crutches are a testament to our commitment to quality and user-centric innovation. Perfect for those seeking reliable support with a touch of ergonomic sophistication.


  • Durable and strong, these Ergonomic Grip Forearm
  • Crutches are constructed from high-tensile extruded aluminium making them both lightweight and very strong. 
  • Ergonomic palm grip offers pressure distribution for maximum comfort. 
  • Fitted with high quality rubber tips for stability. 
  • Both hand to floor and palm grip to arm cuff sections are adjustable.

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Height: 275 mm
Material: High-strength, lightweight aluminum tubing for durability and ease of use.
Handgrip: Ergonomically designed vinyl-coated handgrips for comfort and grip.
Arm Cuffs: Vinyl-coated, tapered, and contoured arm cuffs for comfort and support.
Height Adjustment:
Medium and Tall Adult: Adjustable height range of 91.4 cm to 114.3 cm with a single button release mechanism.
Youth: Fixed height of 50.8 cm to 73.6 cm.
Folding Mechanism: Only Medium and Tall Adult sizes have a single button folding mechanism for convenient storage and transportation.