Permobil M3 Corpus Power Wheelchair



With meticulous suspension and precision engineering, the Permobil M3 Corpus Mid-Wheel Drive Powerchair ensures top-tier drive performance and user experience for all individuals. This holds particularly true during low-speed maneuvers, in confined spaces, or when utilising various alternative drive controls.

The Permobil M3 boasts contemporary aesthetics and an expanded palette of color options, enabling you to personalize your wheelchair to match your style.

Additionally, Permobil has unveiled a new battery paired with a VoltPro charger, delivering up to 25% increased driving range, shorter charging intervals, and an extended battery lifespan. These advancements are easily monitored through the MyPermobil App, which also provides valuable insights such as seat activity tracking, battery range predictions, and an integrated map feature for efficient journey planning and enhanced adventures.

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Maximum user weight 150kg
Driving range 20.9km (Group 34s) | 32.2km (Group 24s)
Maximum speed 10km/h
Length of base 35.5"
Width of base 24"
Base turning radius 20.5"
Ground clearance 3"
Seat to floor height 17.5", 18.5", 19.5"
Seat width 17"-23" (2" increments)
Seat depth 14"-22" (1" increments)
Tilt options Posterior: 0º-50º
Anterior: 5º, 10º and 20º
Backrest angle (optional power) 85º-180º
Legrest angle (optional power) 85º-180º
Armrest pad lengths 10", 13", 16", 18"
Backrest heights 20", 23"-28" (by 1" increments)
Seat elevation Optional 12"
Drive electronics R-Net 120A
Drive wheel 14"
Castors 7"
Weight (including batteries) 175kg (Group 34s) | 184kg (Group 24s)