PERMOBIL M Corpus VS Power Wheelchair



The M Corpus VS seamlessly integrates Permobil’s renowned customisable power standing feature with the maneuverability of a mid-wheel drive base. Permobil remains dedicated to pioneering technology and ergonomic design, evident in the addition of fully programmable standing sequences that allow users to achieve the optimal position through supine, semi-recline, or sit-to-stand techniques. Enhancing customisation options, users can adjust their standing position with the help of an adjustable chest support, various knee support configurations, and a power articulating footplate. Recognizing the paramount importance of stability, traction, and comfort during standing and driving activities, Permobil has incorporated the new DualLink suspension system featuring fully adjustable, oil-dampened shocks, coupled with outstanding low-end torque.

Comfort is king

Permobil’s Corpus, the world’s leading ergonomic seating system, features biomechanically optimised power positioning along with the Corpus Ergo Seat cushion with redesigned pelvic well and Corpus Ergo back cushion with dual density foam. The stretch-air cover option is a breathable, machine washable fabric with a low moisture pour transfer.

More visible

High-powered LED lights provide true pathway lighting, making it easier to see and be seen. These are offered at no charge when ordered on Corpus VS configurations.

Redefining support

The chest support and multiple knee support options on the M Corpus VS are designed for comfort and accessibility. With features like simplified adjustment points and quick release mechanisms, utilising a standing wheelchair has never been easier.

How do you want to stand?

Fully programmable standing sequences allow the user’s position to be optimised using supine, semi-reclined, or sit-to-stand techniques. You can further customise standing positions with adjustable chest support, multiple knee support options, and power articulating footplates. From face-to-face interactions to improved health outcomes, the Corpus VS seating system empowers you to stand with confidence.

Designed for independence

Permobil redesigned the knee supports necessary for standing and has created a lightweight, swing-away option that is 75% lighter than the original single-post design. It features improved comfort and allows for a more precision fit thanks to the integrated BOA® Fit System dial for micro adjustments. When you are ready to place or remove the knee supports, the looped release mechanism lets you take care of it independently since it works for a wide variety of hand functions. You’ll love the convenient on-chair storage along the seat rail which keeps the knee supports close at hand, but out of the way when not standing.

Programming Simplified with QuickConfig

Programming changes are faster and more intuitive with QuickConfig, the new wireless programming app for Permobil wheelchairs equipped with Power Platform. Designed with clinicians and equipment providers in mind, in-app visuals ease customisation of joystick buttons, standing sequences, memory positions, and drive performance. The result? Wheelchair setup has never been easier. In addition to the QuickConfig programming tool, the Power Platform electronics include a new user interface with modern display graphics.

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Maximum User Weight: 120 kg
Seat Width: 35.5 cm - 58.4 cm (14" - 23")
Seat Depth: 35.5 cm - 55.9 cm (14" - 22")
Width of Base: 63.5 cm
Length of Base: 92.7 cm
Base Turning Radius: 55.9 cm
Ground Clearance: 7.6 cm
Seat Elevation: 30.5 cm (12")
Seat to Floor Height:
44.5 cm (17.5")
47 cm (18.5")
49.5 cm (19.5")
Drive Electronics: R-Net Power Platform 120A
Backrest Heights:
51 cm (20")
58.4 cm - 71 cm (23" - 28")
Tilt Options: Posterior: 0° - 50°
Castors: 17.7 cm (7")
Weight Including Batteries: 193 kg
Warranty Information:
The Permobil M Corpus VS has a two-year limited warranty.
Product Compliance with Relevant Standards:
Compliance with AS/NZS 3695.2:2013 and ISO 7176-19:2008
ARTG Certificate: 275074