PETITEBUDDY Chair Accessory

PETITEBUDDY P2 Shower Chair Conversion


Enhance your Showerbuddy experience with the Petite-Buddy P1 Converter Accessory, expertly designed by Move Mobility for smaller individuals seeking a snug and secure fit. This essential add-on transforms flagship chair-based mobility aids, ensuring a comfortable and safe bathroom transfer. The P1 features a cozy padded backrest, adjustable depth, and a gentle recline, all tailored for petite frames. With Move Mobility, adaptability is at your fingertips, allowing for growth without the need for costly replacements. It's perfectly compatible with SB1, SB2, SB2T, or SB3T Showerbuddy frames, making the Petite-Buddy P1 a smart choice for seamless adaptability in home care solutions.

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The Petite-Buddy P1 accessory consists of:
Padded backrest cushion (280mm wide)
Backrest depth adjustment (325mm to 375mm)
Limited recline function
Reduced width between armrests (305mm)
Small commode opening in cushion (150mm)
Adjustable padded neck pillow