PETITEBUDDY P2 Shower Chair Conversion


Size: Size 2

Size 2

Petite-Buddy P2: Enhanced Comfort for Smaller Statures

Move Mobility recognizes the distinct requirements of each individual, particularly children and those with smaller frames. The Petite-Buddy P2 accessory is meticulously crafted to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. It is compatible with a variety of Showerbuddy frames and features a padded backrest, adjustable depth, and a gentle recline option, making it perfect for those who find the P1 slightly too small. The P2 eliminates the need for frequent transitions to new shower chairs, offering a long-lasting and flexible solution that accommodates the growth of its users. Move Mobility is dedicated to providing comfort and safety, making the Petite-Buddy P2 an excellent choice for a smooth and comfortable bathing experience.
For users who are smaller than average in size but larger than the dimensions of the P1, Petite-Buddy P2 may be the perfect solution when used in conjunction with SB1, SB2, SB2T or SB3T Showerbuddy frames (frames purchased separately).

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The P2 accessory offers:
Padded backrest cushion (380mm wide)
Adjustable backrest depth (325mm to 375mm)
Limited reclining function
Reduced width between armrests (420mm)
Small commode opening in cushion (170mm)
Adjustable padded neck pillow