PRIDE Rubber Threshold Ramp

PRIDE Rubber Threshold Ramp 1st section 250mm


Elevate accessibility with our ADA-Compliant Rubber Threshold Ramp, expertly crafted from high-impact recycled rubber to ensure durability and longevity. This ramp comes as a five-piece set that incrementally rises by half an inch to a maximum height of three inches, providing thirty-six inches of usable width. It's designed for versatility, capable of transitioning seamlessly from indoor to outdoor use. The slip-resistant surface offers added safety, and the ramp is easy to install and maintenance-free, highlighting Move Mobility's commitment to convenience. With a robust weight capacity of 850 pounds and the option for custom trimming, this ramp is a testament to our dedication to quality mobility solutions.


Typically small and lightweight
Designed to bridge small gaps like doorways
Material: Made from solid rubber
Estimated Weight: Between 1 kg to 3 kg (2.2 lbs to 6.6 lbs)