Introducing the Xenon², the lightest aluminum folding wheelchair available on the market. Weighing in at just 8.8kg, it features a new unique cross-brace design combined with a completely re-designed axle stem, making it ultra-lightweight and easy to fold, lift, and transport. With its minimalist style reminiscent of a rigid, active wheelchair, the Xenon² FF boasts a fixed-front frame for a clean, streamlined look. Equipped with innovative technology, it's the perfect choice for individuals with a highly active lifestyle, offering maximum driving performance in an ultra-lightweight and stiff design.

Weight: 8.8 kg
Material: Aluminum
Design Features:
Unique cross-brace design
Re-designed axle stem
Fixed-front frame
Style: Minimalistic, reminiscent of a rigid, active wheelchair
Technology: Innovative technology for maximum driving performance
Ideal For: Individuals with a highly active lifestyle