RAZ Designs- SP600


Presenting the Raz-SP600 Mobile Shower Commode Chair, meticulously designed and crafted to meet the stringent standards of healthcare professionals.

Equipped with the innovative Multi-Position Back featuring center of gravity adjustment, the Raz-SP600 offers unparalleled versatility. Standard features include 3” of height adjustment, an adjustable-tension fabric backrest, and either 5” dual-locking casters for users up to 180kg or 6” dual-locking casters for users over 180kg (up to 270kg maximum), ensuring stability and support for users of varying weights. Flip-up padded armrests, a commode pan, and a generously sized molded soft foam seat enhance user comfort and convenience.

Built to withstand heavy-duty use, the electro-polished stainless steel frame of the Raz-SP600 facilitates easy access for both users and attendants. Exclusive to Raz, the Ischial & Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS) offers 2” of seat depth adjustment, catering to diverse body sizes and shapes with precision.

With a weight capacity of 270kg and a multitude of adjustments and options available, the Raz-SP600 delivers unmatched comfort and maneuverability for users requiring a self-propelled heavy-duty shower commode chair.

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SPECIFICATIONS Raz-SP600 (Self Propelled 600 lbs capacity)
WEIGHT CAPACITY 600 lbs (275 kg)
FRAME WIDTH (seat and back frame) 22" (56 cm) [Custom widths available]
OVERALL WIDTH (with standard armpad) 30" (76 cm) with Standard Arm Pad
SEAT WIDTH (commode seat) 23" (58 cm)
SEAT DEPTH (front of back post to front of seat) 18" (46 cm)
OVERALL LENGTH WHEN UPRIGHT With Z709 Footrests 40" – 42" (101.5 – 106.5 cm)
CLEARANCE HEIGHT UNDER SEAT 5" (125 mm) casters with pan brackets: 15.25" or 16.25" (39 cm or 41 cm)
5" (125 mm) casters without pan brackets: 16" or 17" (40.5 cm or 43 cm)
6" (125 mm) casters with pan brackets: 16.25", 17.25", 20.25" (41 cm, 44 cm, 51.5 cm)
6" (125 mm) casters without pan brackets: 17", 18", or 21" (43 cm, 46 cm, 53 cm)
SEAT-TO-FLOOR HEIGHT (5" casters) 20" and 21" (51 cm and 53 cm)
SEAT-TO-FLOOR HEIGHT (6" casters) 20", 21", 24" (51 cm, 53 cm and 61 cm)
PRODUCT WEIGHT 5" (125 mm) casters: 68 lbs (30.9 kg)
6" (150 mm) casters: 69 lbs (31.3 kg)
FRAME AND HARDWARE MATERIAL Stainless Steel (Lifetime warranty against corrosion)
All measurements taken with standard molded seat and standard arm pad.

Two-year limited warranty covers the frame against manufacturing defects. A one-year limited warranty covers all other components, subject to normal wear and tear exclusions. Specifications, and options are subject to change without prior notice.