INVACARE Rea Azalea Minor


Rea Azalea Minor is designed for people that need a smaller-sized seat, such as petite adults or teenagers. One of the key features of Azalea Minor is the ‘Tilt in Space’ weight-shifting mechanism, which ensures a stable tilt and makes manoeuvring easier.

As with all the Azalea models, the width and depth of the Azalea Minor can be adjusted to suit individual needs.


Seat Width: 34-44 cm
Seat Depth: 38-45 cm
Seat Height: 40-45 cm
Backrest Height: 55-65 cm
Armrest Height: 24-36 cm
Footrest Length: 33 - 62.7 cm
Seat Angle: +1 - 25°
Backrest Angle: 0-30°
Max User Weight: 75 kg
Transport Weight: 14.5 kg
Crash Test Approved: ISO 7176-19
Max. Safe Slope: 7°
Total Width: Seat Width + 22 cm (Seat Width + 23 cm)
Total Height: 90-125 cm
Total Length: 90-97 cm (including footrests)
Total Weight: 32 kg