ROHO Cushion Cover Standard

ROHO Cushion Cover Standard


Size: 10x10 HP

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9x9 LP

Introducing our expertly designed Two-Way Stretch Nylon/Spandex Chair Cushion. Crafted with precision, this cushion features a durable polyester spacer fabric on the sides, complete with a convenient zipper. The non-skid PVC coated bottom, made from a blend of polyester and rayon, ensures a secure fit with the help of hook and loop fasteners. Experience ultimate comfort and stability with Move Mobility's top-notch cushion.

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Height: 4700 mm
Width: 4700 mm
ROHO Standard Cushion Cover Specifications:
Material: Two-way stretch nylon/spandex
Allows cushion cells to conform to user's body shape
Material: Three-layered knit polyester spacer fabric
Provides air circulation for user cooling
Material: Polyester/rayon non-skid PVC coated
Features hook and loop fasteners to secure cushion in chair
Base Material:
Material: Stretchable polyester
Soft to the touch for comfort
Enables smooth transfers to and from the cushion