SURFER BATHER Bellows Assembly Bathing Aid

SURFER BATHER Bellows Assembly Bathing Aid

SKU: MC-HS0130

1. Elevate your bathing experience with the Surfer Bather Shower Tray Clip and Strap. Expertly crafted by Move Mobility, these essential accessories ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your surfer bather. Trust in our precision-designed replacement parts for a seamless bathing routine.

2. Move Mobility presents the Surfer Bather Backrest and Connector Set, designed to enhance your bathing aid's stability and comfort. Our expertise in mobility solutions guarantees a perfect match for your manufacturer's equipment, ensuring a supportive and reliable backrest frame for your daily use.

3. Discover the ultimate in comfort and safety with Move Mobility's Surfer Bather Netting and Support Kit. This set includes a soft netting set, ergonomic head support, and a cushioned platform pad, all engineered to upgrade your bathing aid with unparalleled quality and care.

4. Move Mobility's Surfer Bather Pommel and Base Board Assembly is the pinnacle of support and structure for your bathing aid. Including a sturdy pommel, robust platform, and a reliable bellows assembly, our products are tailored to enhance your bathing experience with expert precision.

5. The Surfer Bather Suction Cup and Foams Set from Move Mobility is a testament to our commitment to your comfort and safety. This set provides a steadfast grip and plush foams, ensuring your bathing aid remains secure and soothing during use. Trust in our expertise for a worry-free bath time.


Platform Width: 16/27"
Maximum Height: 17"
Minimum Height: 2.5"
Backrest Angle: 70° max
Weight of Platform: 9 lbs.