TACTEE Bottle Holder Magnetic

TACTEE Bottle Holder Magnetic


Experience the fusion of innovation and comfort with the "Tactee Magnetic Cutlery Set." Designed for effortless handling, this set features three robust magnets aligned to offer a secure grip, ensuring mealtime is a breeze. The flexible joints between each magnet adapt to your needs, providing a stable and strong connection. Trust in Move Mobility's expertise to bring you adaptive utensils that make dining dignified and enjoyable. Enhance your daily living with this essential tool for independent eating.


  • Grasping Flexible Strap that can be used on both left and right hand and is available in sizes small, medium, and large. 
  • Fork, spoon, and knife that can have their angles adjusted by using a bending a iron. 
  • Universal adapter that can be used with toothbrush, pen, razor, and much more. 
  • Bottle holder that has velcro attached to easily attach a cup onto it 
  • Set of Dorsal Pads that can be applied to grasping elements if you are pressure-sensitive
  • Black storage case to allow you to safely store, protect, and transport your Tactee Kit

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