THEOREM Power Lift Recliner Dual Motor With Independent Headrest

THEOREM Eton Power Lift Recliner Dual Motor With Independent Headrest


Colour: Stonewash (Amber)

Stonewash (Amber)
Stonewash (Dune)

Discover the Eton Power Lift Recliner, a testament to Move Mobility's commitment to combining comfort with cutting-edge technology. This chair features an innovative box-in-box design, ensuring unobstructed operation even when elevated. It offers independent head and leg rest adjustments, a heavy-duty weight capacity, and a convenient USB hand control. Available in two stylish colors, the Eton complements any home decor while providing a relaxed Australian lifestyle experience with a recliner built for durability and ease.

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Weight capacity: 180kg (396 lbs)
Seat width: 53.3cm (21 in)
Seat depth: 52cm (20.5 in)
Seat to floor height: 48.2cm (19 in)
Chair width: 87.6cm (34.5 in)
Chair depth: 95.3cm (37.5 in)
Chair height: 106.7cm (42 in)
Width: 876 mm