THEOREM Recliner Chair Five Motor Zero Gravity With App Control

THEOREM Winslow Recliner Chair Five Motor Zero Gravity With App Control


Colour: Capriccio- Smoke

Capriccio- Smoke

Experience Ultimate Comfort with the Theorem Winslow Power Lift Recliner, a pioneering blend of luxury and technology. This state-of-the-art recliner features five motors and app control for personalized comfort, including Zero Gravity, an adjustable aircraft-style headrest, and power lumbar support. Move Mobility is proud to offer this cutting-edge design, ensuring you can tailor your relaxation at the touch of a button. Elevate your home with the unmatched convenience and contemporary style of our expertly crafted recliner.

The recliner boasts a range of key features to enhance your comfort and relaxation. It allows for independent adjustment of the head and leg rests to find the perfect position for your body. The Trendelenburg Tilt function is included to improve circulation by allowing you to recline with your feet above your heart. The customizable airline-style headrest ensures your head and neck are supported just the way you like. Superior power lumbar support is built into the design to help maintain the natural curve of your spine and reduce lower back strain. Additionally, intuitive app control enables you to easily personalize your settings for an optimal lounging experience.

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Weight Capacity: 158.7 kg
Seat Width: 53.3 cm
Seat Depth: 48.2 cm
Seat-to-Floor: 49.5 cm
Chair Width: 78.7 cm
Chair Depth: 101.6 cm
Chair Height: 106.6 cm
Width: 787 mm
Operation: App control & USB hand wand