THRONE Toilet Grab Rails Gab Rail 80mm Spacer

THRONE Toilet Grab Rails Gab Rail 80mm Spacer


The Toilet Grab Rail Support Frame from Move Mobility is expertly designed to attach securely to any toilet bowl, without the need for wall or floor support. With adjustable mounting brackets, it ensures a perfect fit for toilets of all sizes. This grab rail promotes user independence while providing essential support for caregivers. Experience the convenience and reliability of Move Mobility's top-quality mobility aids.

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Material: Likely made from the same material as the THRONE Grab Rails, which is typically metal with a powder-coated finish for durability.
Dimensions: Specifically, the spacer itself has a width of 80mm (3.15 inches) and is designed to fit the existing mounting bracket of the THRONE Grab Rails.
Weight capacity: Information about the weight capacity of the spacer itself is not readily available. However, the overall weight capacity of the grab rails with the spacer installed is likely the same as the original weight capacity of the THRONE Grab Rails (information not provided on the official website).