TILITE Pilot Paediatric Manual Wheelchair


The TiLite Pilot introduces a revolutionary approach to pediatric manual wheelchairs, designed to adapt and grow alongside your child. With built-in forward growth adjustment, the Pilot ensures that the wheelchair evolves with your child's needs while maintaining optimal rear wheel access. This innovative feature enables kids to achieve the most efficient propulsion possible without the hassle of adjusting or relearning their push mechanics, empowering them to explore their world with newfound freedom.

The clean frame design of the TiLite Pilot incorporates a seat pan and side panels that provide easy access to the adjustment bolts, simplifying the process of making changes to accommodate your child's growth. Unlike other chairs, all adjustments can be made without compromising access to the rear wheels, ensuring seamless functionality and convenience.

Constructed with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame panels, the Pilot is 50% lighter than traditional pediatric wheelchairs, making it effortless for kids to navigate through various adventures and activities. Additionally, the inclusion of quick-release wheels and transit tie-downs simplifies transportation for parents and caregivers, allowing them to bring the Pilot everywhere with ease.

In summary, the TiLite Pilot redefines pediatric mobility with its innovative design, adaptability, and lightweight construction. By offering children a wheelchair that grows with them and provides effortless maneuverability, the Pilot enables kids to cruise through their world like never before, fostering independence and confidence in their daily activities.


Frame Features: Carbon frame with 2.54 cm lower aluminum tubing
Seat Width: 20 cm - 35 cm (8" - 14")
Seat Depth: 23 cm - 38 cm (9" - 15")
Front Seat Height: 30 cm - 42 cm (12" - 16.5")
Rear Seat Height: 30 cm - 41 cm (12" - 16")
Front Frame Angle: Unlimited
Seat Back Height: 8 cm - 33 cm (11" - 13") with standard back
Seat to Footrest: 8 cm - 37 cm (3" - 14.5") without high mount parts.
Centre of Gravity Adjustment: 1 cm - 9 cm (0.5" - 3.5")
Transit Options: Transit tie-down, Transport
Transport Weight: 4.9 kg (weight varies by configuration and does not include wheels)
Weight Limit: 43 kg transit, 54 kg standard