TOPRO Bottle Holder

TOPRO Bottle Holder


Stay refreshed on the go with the Scooter Sip & Go Bottle Holder, a must-have mobility scooter accessory. Expertly designed for convenience, this holder ensures your water bottle is always within reach. It features an easy-to-clean design that highlights Move Mobility's commitment to enhancing your independence with simple, yet effective solutions. This bottle holder is perfect for active individuals who want to ensure they have hydration at their fingertips.

This handy Topro Bottle Holder is compatible with:

  • Topro Troja Neuro
  • Topro Troja Classic 
  • Topro Troja 5G
  • Topro Troja Walker
  • Topro Odyssé
  • Topro Olympos ATR

Dimensions: The exact dimensions are not readily available but are likely designed to fit standard water bottles (around 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter).
Material: Likely made from durable plastic or lightweight aluminum for stability and easy cleaning.