VERSAFLO Pressure Relief Mattress 3 Inch

VERSAFLO Pressure Relief Mattress 3 Inch


Size: King Single

King Single
Long Single

"Versaflo3® High-Pressure Relief Mattress"

At Move Mobility, we understand the critical balance between comfort and high-pressure care. The Versaflo3® High-Pressure Relief Mattress is expertly engineered with a three-layer system to ensure a restful sleep. The ActiveX™ Comfort Layer serves as the pinnacle of comfort, dispersing pressure and retaining optimal body heat. Beneath, adjustable air cylinders tailor the surface to alleviate pressure points, while the robust XP Support foundation prevents bottoming out. Trust in our expertise for a mattress that contours to care needs, ensuring a serene and supportive slumber.

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Height: 2030 mm
Width: 1070 mm
Long Single Mattress:
Mattress Size: 2030 mm x 900 mm
King Single Mattress:
Mattress Size: 2030 mm x 1070 mm
Versaflo 3 Mattress System – Air Pump:
Circulation Intervals: 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, static
Air Capacity: 1.5~8 liters
Air Pressure: 300-1200 H²O
User Weight: 20~140 kg
Versaflo 3 Mattress System – Mattress:
Material: Polyurethane, TPU + Fabric
Cover: Waterproof
Air Pressure: Level 4~5
Safe Working Load: 150 kg