Arthritis Aids and Equipment

Enhance your daily life and manage arthritis pain effectively with Move Mobility's extensive range of arthritis aids and equipment, tailored for comfort and ease of use.

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At Move Mobility, an approved DVA and NDIS provider, we understand the challenges faced by individuals living with arthritis. Our selection of arthritis aids and equipment is curated to improve quality of life, reduce pain, and increase independence.

Arthritis Mobility Aids

Arthritis, characterized by joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness, significantly impacts daily activities. With rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis being the most common types, individuals often experience varying degrees of discomfort and mobility issues. Our products aim to alleviate these symptoms and support everyday tasks.


Offering stability, control and support, our walkers are crucial for people with arthritis, especially those experiencing joint pain in the knees and hips. They are designed to reduce the strain on joints while walking.

Over Toilet Aids:

Toilet aids are vital for arthritis sufferers, providing stability and reducing pain during use. Raised toilet seats and safety frames help maintain independence in the bathroom.

Lift Chairs:

Our lift chairs assist individuals with arthritis in standing up and sitting down with minimal joint strain. They combine comfort and functionality, aiding in everyday independent living.


The commode offers a convenient solution suitable for those with mobility issues due to arthritis, ensuring safety and ease of use, particularly during the night.


Quality sleep is essential for arthritis patients. Our mattresses provide the necessary support, alleviating pressure on sore joints and improving overall sleep quality.

Day Chair:

Day chairs offer necessary support for the back and joints, enabling comfortable seating for extended periods, essential for those with arthritis.

Jar Opener:

Jar openers are indispensable for individuals with arthritis, allowing them to pull open jars effortlessly without putting stress on painful joints.


Our specially designed kettles minimize the effort and discomfort associated with lifting and pouring, crucial for those with hand and wrist arthritis.

Bath Sponge:

Long-handled bath sponges enable people with arthritis to maintain personal hygiene without unnecessary strain on the joints.

Tie Washer:

This simple yet effective tool assists in laundry tasks, reducing the physical effort required for those with arthritis.

Caring for Arthritis Patients

Caring for individuals with arthritis goes beyond merely managing pain; it requires a comprehensive approach that considers both physical and emotional well-being. This includes creating a living space that reduces the need for strenuous movement, thereby minimizing joint stress.

Simple modifications like installing grab bars in the bathroom, using lever taps and key turners, or providing easy-to-grip utensils can make a significant difference. Additionally, it’s important to encourage low-impact exercises that promote joint flexibility and strength, which can be facilitated by an occupational therapist.

Understanding the fluctuating nature of arthritis pain is also key, as it requires adapting care and support to the patient's varying needs, ensuring comfort and promoting independence wherever possible.

Caring for Hip Replacement Patients:

Recovery from hip replacement surgery is a delicate process that requires careful planning and continuous care. The initial focus is on healing and reducing the risk of dislocation, which involves managing pain, preventing clots, and starting physical therapy early on.

Assistive devices like walkers or crutches are crucial during the initial phase, as they help in maintaining balance and stability while the hip heals. Gradually, the patient can transition to using canes and engage in more strenuous physical therapy exercises to regain full mobility.

It's important to ensure that the patient's home environment is conducive to recovery, with items within easy reach and clear pathways to navigate. Caregivers should also be mindful of the patient's mental health, for example, as prolonged recovery can often lead to feelings of frustration or isolation.

Mindfulness in Orthopaedic Care

Providing care for someone with orthopaedic issues involves a deep understanding of their specific challenges and limitations. This often includes adapting their home environment to prevent falls and reduce the need for strenuous movement.

Height-adjustable furniture, cushioned seating, and supportive bedding can significantly improve comfort. Additionally, it's essential to integrate mobility aids like wheelchairs or walking aids into their daily routine to assist with movement and reduce the risk of further injury.

Emotional and psychological support also plays a crucial role in orthopaedic care, as patients may struggle to grapple with the loss of certain abilities or independence. Regular consultations with health professionals, including physical therapists and counselors, can help manage the physical and emotional aspects of orthopaedic recovery effectively.

Arthritis Aids and Equipment at Move Mobility

Our range includes various products designed to assist those living with arthritis. From walkers to shower chairs, each item is chosen for its ability to improve daily life and reduce the physical challenges associated with arthritis.

Visit our showrooms in Logan and Robina or shop online for convenient access to our full range of arthritis aids and equipment. Our expert team is ready to assist with product selection, ensuring you find the right tools for your needs. With Australia-wide delivery, we make it easy to access the support you need.

Choose Move Mobility for all your arthritis aid and equipment needs. Our comprehensive range is designed to help you manage arthritis pain and maintain your independence. Shop our selection today and experience the difference quality equipment can make in your daily life.

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