Size: Standard 8mm Spout 250ml

Standard 8mm Spout 250ml

Easy-Grip Homecraft Feeding Cups

Discover the ease of independent drinking with our Easy-Grip Homecraft Feeding Cups. Expertly crafted for those requiring extra support, these transparent cups offer a secure hold and a vented spout lid for controlled sipping. Ideal for both home and clinical settings, Move Mobility ensures a dignified experience with these versatile drinking aids. Embrace autonomy with every sip.

  • Designed to aid in independence when drinking, suitable for personal or professional use.
  • Ideal for individuals requiring assistance with drinking to encourage independent use.
  • Clear plastic cup designed for easy gripping, enhancing control.
  • Comes with a standard vented lid featuring a drinking spout.
  • Alternatively, a lid with an adjustable spout can be used with the cups.

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Both lids are supplied in pairs and available with either a 4mm or 8mm spout diameter.
Cups are dishwasher safe, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 135°C (275°F).