KI MOBILITY Focus Complex Rotation Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair


The Ki Mobility Focus CR Tilt in Space wheelchair is a revolutionary tilting wheelchair that offers numerous features to enhance both user and caregiver experiences.

The 'CR' in Focus CR stands for Complex Rotation, a sophisticated system utilizing two control paths and centers of rotation to minimize misalignment issues. This innovative design ensures smooth and secure tilting without the risk of the seat frame slamming forward or backward.

Adjusting the center of gravity on the Focus CR is effortless and can often be done with the user still in the wheelchair. This ensures proper balance during tilting, enhancing stability and safety.

The inset tilt mechanism of the Focus CR reduces limitations between seating setups and wheel placement, allowing greater access to the wheels and optimizing weight distribution between the rear wheels and front casters. This design feature enhances maneuverability and overall performance.

The Focus CR is designed to handle everyday obstacles such as curbs and inclines with ease, providing users with enhanced mobility and independence. Additionally, it is transport-approved and available in heavy-duty options with a weight capacity of up to 181kg, ensuring suitability for a wide range of users.

In summary, the Ki Mobility Focus CR Tilt in Space wheelchair offers a host of innovative features designed to maximize comfort, safety, and functionality for both users and caregivers. Its advanced design and customizable options make it a versatile and reliable choice for individuals seeking enhanced mobility solutions.


Weight Capacity:
Standard: 136 kg
Heavy Duty Frame: 181 kg
Transport Weight: 14.97 kg
Seat Dimensions:
Width: 36 - 61 cm
Depth: 36 - 56 cm
Height: 34 - 55 cm
Tilt Range: -5° to 50°
Tubing Size: 2.54 cm
WC-19 Transit: Yes